Grow Cubes and Grow Disks

This product is generally used as starter mediums and propagation cubes/disks for seedlings and plants in the early stages of the plant’s life. These are generally also made using 100% coco peat, in their unwashed, washed, super washed, or buffered states.

Sizes Available (cm)

  • This range of products are highly customizable and sizes are made according to the requirement.
  • We can produce the above products to expand to the desired thickness. Any other product sizes can be made if required.

EC Levels Available

  • High EC (Above 1.0 mS/cm) (1:1.5 Test Method)
  • Low EC (Below 1.0 mS/cm) (1:1.5 Test Method)
  • Washed Low EC (Below 0.5 mS/cm) (1:1.5 Test Method)
  • Superwashed Low EC (Below 0.3 mS/cm) (1:1.5 Test Method)  
  • *We can also produce products with the above EC Levels conducted with the 1:3 Test Method and 1:5 Test Methods*

Fine Dust Removal Mesh Sizes Available

  • 0.5mm,0.8mm,1.0mm

Sieving Mesh Sizes Available

  • 1 Inch, ¾ Inch, ½ Inch, ¼ Inch, 10mm 
  • *Other Mesh Sizes can be used according to the customer’s requirement*