Bricks (650g)

This product is also a highly requested product by customers and is suited for personal users, in instances where smaller volumes are required to be used on their own or mixed with other products.

These can be manufactured and packed in bulk pallets or individually wrapped and labeled according to the customer’s wishes. We offer these products unwashed, washed, super washed, and buffered. Fertilizer can be also added to the mixture if requested. These can be palletized or individually wrapped and placed in cartons for ease of transport.

Dimensions20cm x 10cm x 5cm (+/- 2cm)
Weight100% Coco Peat- 650g (+/- 25g)
100% Husk Chips- – 500g (+/- 25g)
MoistureBelow 24% (Bulk-Palletized)
Below 20% (Individual Packing)
40HC Loadability – Palletised –Total Weight
Loading TypePCS Per PalletPCS Per 40HC100% Coco Peat100% Husk Chips
Normal Compression20004000026.0 Tons20.0 Tons

EC Levels Available

  • High EC (Above 1.0 mS/cm) (1:1.5 Test Method)
  • Low EC (Below 1.0 mS/cm) (1:1.5 Test Method)
  • Washed Low EC (Below 0.5 mS/cm) (1:1.5 Test Method)
  • Superwashed Low EC (Below 0.3 mS/cm) (1:1.5 Test Method)  
  • *We can also produce products with the above EC Levels conducted with the 1:3 Test Method and 1:5 Test Methods*

Fine Dust Removal Mesh Sizes Available

  • 0.5mm, 0.8mm,1.0mm

Sieving Mesh Sizes Available

  • 1 Inch, ¾ Inch, ½ Inch, ¼ Inch, 10mm 
  • *Other Mesh Sizes can be used according to the customer’s requirement*


  • 6L, 7L, 8L, 9L, 10L, 11L, 12L