Grow Bags

These products are highly suited for greenhouses, farms, and plantations. They can be manufactured to include any ratio of husk chips and coco peat required, which will suit specific crops and their air porosity needs and moisture retention. These are generally made without adding fertilizer to the mixture, but we can make the addition if required. This too can be offered in unwashed, washed, super-washed, and buffered states.

Sizes Available (cm)

  • 100 x 15
  • 100 x 18
  • 100 x 20
  • We can produce the above products to expand to the desired thickness. Any other product sizes can be made if required.

EC Levels Available

  • High EC (Above 1.0 mS/cm) (1:1.5 Test Method)
  • Low EC (Below 1.0 mS/cm) (1:1.5 Test Method)
  • Washed Low EC (Below 0.5 mS/cm) (1:1.5 Test Method)
  • Superwashed Low EC (Below 0.3 mS/cm) (1:1.5 Test Method)  
  • *We can also produce products with the above EC Levels conducted with the 1:3 Test Method and 1:5 Test Methods*

Fine Dust Removal Mesh Sizes Available

  • 0.5mm,0.8mm,1.0mm

Sieving Mesh Sizes Available

  • 1 Inch, ¾ Inch, ½ Inch, ¼ Inch, 10mm 
  • *Other Mesh Sizes can be used according to the customer’s requirement*

These are usually packaged and sealed in UV-treated printed bags for shipping and usage.

The loadability of this product changes according to the sizes required, however, the majority of the time, it is aimed to load the equivalent of 23 Tons.